onsdag 29 juli 2009

An oldie but goldie

Friday the 13th conclusions:

* All teenagers do is have sex and skinny dip, oh yeah and die.

* For some reason 17 year old summer campers are in their 30's.

* Cars in the 70's were equipped with a serial killer self destruct switch; in which if you're being chased by one, the car will not start until it's too late.

* Slow and steady really does win the race. Especially if you're a 250 lb lumbering serial killer. Run all you want, cus you'll fall and he'll be in front of you.

* If you're a fat nerdy guy, you're as good as dead.

* Hockey masks are the world's hardest natural substance and are completely indestructible.

* Despite rotting and decomposing constantly, you will continue to increase your muscle mass and strength.

* If you're a serial killer who wears a hockey mask and you get killed; they will most certainly bury you with said mask. They wouldn't want you to have to go out and get a new one after you rise from the dead, which you most certainly will.

* Despite having the highest murder rate of any town of all time, Crystal Lake only employs 3 local police officers.

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Sophix sa...

:D Jag vågar inte se skräckfilm, men jag gillar listan!