söndag 1 februari 2009

Veckans låt

Laser Beams av Wintersleep.

One day laser beams will cure my sight
-5. That's pretty much blind
I wanna see things, you know
Stare so deep into the laptop light
Sip your coffee and stare
Like you got something to say
But you can't say it cause it just 'aint there anymore
The black premonition flexed in his mind
Conversed with absolute time
And space
And time and space
And nothing really matters anymore

You can't say, don't ever say it
It's not tangible, it's not even relevant
A warm hand, a short skirt
A soft blanket, a trusty appliance
A fifty-seven in mathematics and science
An oxygen mask
They stick it and they never come back
Never come back anymore

Are you with me or am I wrong?
The silly old songs
Do they mean anything or am I just wrong?
Am I just wrong?
How did I ever get so god damn dumb
A foreign lick from a familiar tongue
It's not one you love, but it's familiar enough
Mouthful of teeth chewed up and spit on the ground
When I speak, I'm all words, just wide naked sound
Carelessly rendered and scattered around
Random, animal
Clumsily stitched together
Forever alien and forever altered
Floating in absolute time and space
And time and space
and nothing really matters anymore

1 kommentar:

missTv sa...

Hallå? Är det någon som läser andras kommentarer? Kanske ingen som kommer läsa detta, men jag undrar lite. Jag får sällan kommentarer när det gäller veckans låt... kommenterar ni bara när ni tycker det är bra? För i så fall känner jag mig rätt ensam i min musiksmak just nu...