söndag 23 mars 2008

Jerking off in Stockholm

A bearded (well done) Stephen Lynch opened with Lullaby last night and the smile from ear to ear was a fact. This was the song that I wanted to hear the most, so I was indeed a happy camper.
The nice thing about Stephen Lynch is that the comedy doesn’t just exist in the songs; the things he says in between can be just as funny. Especially when he involves not just the place he’s in (jerking off in Stockholm) but also the audience (orgie-borgie). It’s an easy thing to do, but it makes us suckers out there feel like we are a part of the show, and not just paying silhouettes.
He had to handle a couple of hecklers which probably meant that we missed at least one of his songs (why can’t people just shut the fuck up?). But the show clocked in at about two hours and it never became boring. Sure, I missed a few songs; like Gerbil, Priest and For the Ladies, but I got Lullaby, Grandfather, Dirty Sanchez, Superhero, and the new song Waiting, so I’m happy, happy.

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StalkingButler sa...

If I were a superhero, I would be bearded boy!
Running around in circles, looking for that perfect toy...

Och så vidare.