måndag 14 april 2008

Veckans söndagsgudstjänst

please be seated and open your prayer guides to the book of revelations, Psalm 69 (av Ministry).
And now it's time for us to give a little love back to God:

Drinking the blood of Jesus,
drinking it right from his veins.
Learning to swim in the ocean,
learning to prowl in his name.

The body of Christ comes on to me,
a preacher with cock in his hand.
He wants you to suck on the holy ghost,
and swallow the sins of man.

Psalm 69.

The invisible piss of the holy ghost,
comes down like acid rain.
They're making a profit off terminal guilt,
the scavengers go on parade.

The promise of life and eternity,
is used just like the sword.
He'll fill you up with his devil's cock,
and he'll come in the name of the lord.

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